Donna (Penn) is a conscientious account manager who has gotten to know our business and is responsive to our needs.

Erick (Falconi) is the best agency IT recruiter I know right now.

VP Human Resources
Biotechnology Company -Phoenix, AZ

I have worked with Donna Penn / Compri for many years across multiple companies. I can confidently say that we have hired more FT employees from Compri than any other firm we have used. We have also utilized Compri for temporary critical staff augmentation on vital ERP projects. The primary reason we have used Compri many times is obviously for the exceptional talent we are acquiring, but the secondary reasons are the time her team saves us and the value they deliver. The talent is vetted extremely well before we ever see a resume. I would highly recommend Compri to anyone that needs quality IT staffing.

VP Information Technology
Logistics company – Phoenix , AZ

Compri Consulting is a real standout organization that values finding the right match for job seekers. I was very pleasantly surprised by their attention to detail throughout the process, and their knowledge of the local market and individual companies is beyond compare. Everything about how they operate says “first class,” and in my new position I’m happy to have them as a partner who knows the local terrain and can refer quality, talented people. Many thanks to an outstanding team!

Jordan A.
Sr. Project Manager
Phoenix, AZ

In my experience with Compri, they strive for excellence, providing top-notch personnel with a high degree of professionalism. Their account manager worked hard to understand business drivers while the recruiters provided candidates that met technical requirements with mindfulness towards cultural fit, as well. I heartily recommend Compri’s services.

Elizabeth L.
Program Manager

I truly hold you and your firm in high regard…With two different companies now, I have on boarded Compri and seen them rapidly establish themselves as one of our premier suppliers of high-quality talent at a reasonable price point. Since we don’t provide the agency names along with the resumes, candidate selection is determined by the hiring managers based purely on value as a function of rate versus talent. The results speak for themselves. Compri provides the right talent at the right price!

Jeb E.
AVP Resource Management

While there were many considerations that drove my selection of a staffing firm, integrity and follow-through were the differentiators that kept Compri top of mind for filling critical roles quickly.

Molly R.
Former C.I.O., City and County of Denver
Business Advisory Services Director, Grant Thornton LLP

My experience with Compri over the past four years has been very positive. I have found Paul and Jason to be very responsive especially when I required positions to be filled immediately. More importantly, they have taken the time to get to know my company, and the specific position. This ensures a clear understanding of the knowledge and skills needed for the candidate to be successful. I know that I can count on them!

Director, Information Security and Compliance


I have worked with Compri to fulfill my staffing needs at Jeppesen for eight years. During that time they have overwhelmingly supplied the majority of my staff. Compri took the time to make an initial investment in understanding our specific requirements and have hit the target ever since. I can always count on Compri to quickly provide the best candidates that meet our needs. Their level of service and commitment to our success far exceeds my expectations.

Ted H.
Sr. Manager, Software Test and SCM
Jeppesen Global Navigation Technology Services

Compri Consulting has been a preferred partner of mine for more than 10 years—while working at two different companies. Over that time period, Compri has consistently demonstrated their ability to provide high-quality services and adapt to an ever evolving business climate. In particular, their flexibility and prompt response times in meeting critical business needs. No matter the request, from hiring to the day-to-day resource management, Compri works very hard to ensure business needs are met in a timely manner. As part of this partnership, Compri has created a tailored technical recruiting screening for candidates fitting our culture and technical environment, drug testing/background checking, billing timesheets supporting our project tracking tools, and sourcing of specialized hard-to-find skill sets. The Compri team are all very friendly and professional.

Andrea Y.
CIO, VP of Development
BI, Inc.

Compri is always one of the first suppliers to begin submitting candidates to our open job requisitions. They are very responsive and always ask the right questions. They have a great track record of having the candidates that they submit move to the interview process which means that they are quality submittals. Compri is one of our most successful suppliers in the candidates that start on a contract position and the process is always well managed by their team. John Norris is an amazing account manager and always knows what is going on with open jobs, current contractors, what is priority, etc. I always enjoy working with John and his team.

Michelle S.
Sourcing Consultant