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Andrea Y.

May 10, 2012 - 5:49 pm

Compri Consulting has been a preferred partner of mine for more than 10 years—while working at two different companies. Over that time period, Compri has consistently demonstrated their ability to provide high-quality services and adapt to an ever evolving business climate. In particular, their flexibility and prompt response times in meeting critical business needs. No matter the request, from hiring to the day-to-day resource management, Compri works very hard to ensure business needs are met in a timely manner. As part of this partnership, Compri has created a tailored technical recruiting screening for candidates fitting our culture and technical environment, drug testing/background checking, billing timesheets supporting our project tracking tools, and sourcing of specialized hard-to-find skill sets. The Compri team are all very friendly and professional.

Andrea Y.
CIO, VP of Development
BI, Inc.